Welcome to ICMHD’s blog

Welcome to the International Centre for Migration, Health, and Development’s new blog.

In an environment of rapidly changing demographic, socio-economic, climatic and health conditions, the pressure on people to re-locate grows and migration becomes an even more challenging issue. ICMHD is committed to making migration healthy and socially constructive for everyone concerned, be they the ones who move, the ones they leave behind, or the ones who eventually host migrants. In doing so, ICMHD continues to work with its already established partners and seek new ones where appropriate.

We hope to make this a space for ICMHD staff and interns to comment on current world events related to migrants and their health, and add updates on our current projects and interests. Please feel free to leave questions, comments, and suggestions on any of our posts.


ICMHD workers constructing the new Kamango Health Centre in DRC

One response to “Welcome to ICMHD’s blog

  1. This blog is great. I expect that it will be a great place for discussion. I am glad I can still be involved with ICMHD, in at least some part, from the US.

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