ICMHD Presents: Our New Facebook Page and Social Media Outlets

social media

ICMHD is proud to present 5 new social media platforms in the aim to better promote awareness regarding current issues in public health, global advocacy and economic development. As ICMHD begins to expand its new (SEO) marketing initiative we will now be actively posting “3 times weekly” on PinterestTwitterFacebook, Google+ , and  Stumble Upon. Subscribe now to receive regular alerts, images and videos of current topics being discussed in the public health sectors (with a special emphasis on migration, health and development)…



Like our page to get alerts, videos and synopsis of our new weekly posts.

ICMHD is proud to present our new facebook homepage! As we prepare to make the move from our old facebook and social media sites ICMHD would like to give you a preview of our new profile and added features. You will now find interactive multimedia tabs including youtube videos featuring ICMHD`s executive director Manuel Carballo, a donations web-page and an events section currently featuring upcoming summer and fall courses.


Sign up now! As of this month ICMHD will also be publishing new and relevant blog content every Monday and Friday.

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