The International Centre for Migration and Health Development (ICMHD) builds public health proposals aimed at resolving current issues in migration, health and development around the globe. ICMHD has participated in over 40 public health projects world wide. We have been active implementing partners with WHO, UNFPA, and many other internationally renowned organizations.  Thanks to our research projects that have been successfully implemented in the Philippines, Thailand, Sri Lanka, and many other countries we have been able to directly impact the well being of refugees, mother`s at risk  and children left behind. Donate today and your money will aid in supporting critical health development research projects aimed at better identifying those at risk and understanding how we can get them access to proper treatment. Aiding the disenfranchised migrants across the globe is our end goal.

Currently ICMHD is working on a project for Children Left Behind and we could use your support! To find out more check out our official Donations Web-Page.

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