Internship Opportunities

ICMHD Global Internship and Sabbatical Program

Student Internships

The ICMHD Internship Program provides opportunities for students who wish to work in the field of international public health, with an emphasis on health aspects of migration. ICMHD tries to customize internships by coordinating the academic backgrounds and interests of interns with current ICMHD projects. Interns develop the skills needed for work in international public health, and at the same time their own research interests.

In the last years, ICMHD has hosted over 50 interns from 15 countries. This year ICMHD is hosting students from Canada, Netherlands and the US.

Specific Internships:

Currently ICMHD is looking for interns interested in graphic design, social marketing, and web-development for short or long-term periods of stay.

Sabbatical leaves

ICMHD also welcomes university faculty wishing to use sabbatical leave periods to work in the area of migration and health. There are opportunities for established academics and professionals to benefit from the expertise of ICMHD and contribute to ICMHD’s work and mission

Please contact ICMHD at with any inquiries about our sabbatical leave or internship program.

One response to “Internship Opportunities

  1. first I would like to thank you trying to manage child malnutrition in Ethiopia. I am nutrition expert I would like to work with you concerning nutrition

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